Representative Verdicts and Settlements

$20.9 Million Verdict - Medical malpractice resulting in bilateral amputation of lower extremities.

$20.5 Million Settlement- Minor struck by a motor vehicle resulting in tetraplegia.

$10 Million Settlement- After trial in legal malpractice matter involving real estate transaction.

$6.7 Million Verdict- Infant became blind due to physician negligence.

$4.9 Million Verdict/Settlement- Worker run over by defective garbage truck resulting in amputated legs.

$3 Million Verdict- Negligent Cardiac Surgery leading to damage to heart muscle.

$2.8 Million Trial/Settlement- Failure to timely diagnose breast cancer that metastasized.

$2.7 Million Settlement- Due to electrocution from power lines not properly maintained.

$2.3 Million Verdict-  Negligent cosmetic surgery leading to nerve damage and chronic pain in upper extremities.

$1.9 Million Settlement- Negligent delivery of newborn resulting in brachial plexus injury.

$1.805 Million Settlement- Negligent maintenance of dock leveler which collapsed causing bilateral tibial plateau fractures with surgery.

$1.4 Million Settlement - Defective scaffolding tip over causing severe brain injuries.

$1.325 Million Settlement - Fall in a movie theater causing severe cervical and lumbar spinal injuries.

$1.3 Million Settlement- Rear end auto accident resulting in back surgery.

$1.215 Million Settlement-  Automobile accident victim sustaining herniated lumbar disc with fusion surgery.

$1.2 Million Verdict- Defective forklift resulting in crushed foot.

$1.2 Million Settlement-  Legal malpractice in connection with commercial business transaction.

$1 Million Settlement- Truck accident resulting in mild traumatic brain injury.

$1,137,500 Settlement-  Product Liability from dangerous machine resulting in partial amputation of two fingers

$975,000 Settlement- Negligent Gallbladder Surgery resulting to kidney damage.

$925,000 Settlement - Fall down off of poorly maintained and defective steps resulting in a reverse shoulder replacement.

$850,000 Settlement- Electrical Burn injury resulting from electrical shock to industrial worker.

$800,000 Settlement- Automobile accident resulting in fractured ankle with surgery and development of RSD.

$750,000 Settlement - Automobile accident resulting in multiple spinal procedures.

$740,000 Settlement- Failure to timely diagnose toxic shock syndrome.

$700,000 Settlement - Burns and hand contractures sustained from burning utility lines and equipment that was pulled down.

$700,000 Settlement-  Defamation of Golf Course Superintendent by his former employer

$637,500 Settlement - Automobile accident involving severe spinal injuries with surgery.

$634,000 Verdict/Settlement-  Deer darted in front of host driver's vehicle resulting in facial injuries to passenger.

$625,000 Settlement - Parked state vehicle struck by truck causing hip injuries requiring a hip replacement.

$607,000 Settlement-  Passenger in motor vehicle accident resulting in fractured patella, fibula, and depression.

$600,000 Settlement- Slip and fall on ice in apartment complex resulting in fractured ankle and fusion.

$500,000 Settlement/Trial- Negligently performed gallbladder surgery resulting in common bile duct injury.

$500,000 Settlement- Failure to timely diagnose breast cancer.

$500,000 Settlement - Automobile accident causing severe spinal injuries.

$500,000 Settlement - Pedestrian struck by a minor on an out of control bicycle causing severe injuries.

$500,000 Settlement - Automobile accident involving a ride share vehicle causing severe spinal injuries.

$450,000 Verdict- Automobile accident resulting in surgery due to bilateral TMJ.

$475,000 Settlement - Traumatic brain injuries caused by falling ceiling tile.

$450,000 Settlement - Spinal injuries in an automobile accident with a federal vehicle, requiring surgery.

$425,000 Settlement - Automobile accident involving a tractor trailer causing severe spinal injuries requiring surgery.

$420,000 Settlement-  Accident involving passenger on tram cart resulting in fractured leg with rod placement.

$350,000 Verdict- Assault at tavern due to inadequate security resulting in orbital fractures with surgical implant.

$325,000 Verdict-  Automobile accident victim sustaining a herniated lumbar disc.

$274,000 Verdict- Automobile accident victim sustaining a TMJ injury with surgery.

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