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We Are Injury Attorneys Who Get Results.

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Bongiovanni, Collins & Warden are injury attorneys specializing only in personal injury law. We protect the rights of seriously injured clients and recover maximum compensation for persons injured from medical negligence, automobile accidents, defective products, work related accidents, and other accidents of all types.

Trevor J. Warden, Esq. is one of a small handful of Certified Civil Trial Attorneys in New Jersey. This honor is only held by about 2% of active attorneys in New Jersey. In December 2016, only 1650 out of 75,000 active attorneys held this distinction.

“Certified Civil Trial Attorney” is a designation granted by the New Jersey Superior Court to attorneys that are able to demonstrate sufficient levels of experience, education, knowledge, and skill in Civil Trial Practice. The Supreme Court, through its board of Attorney Certification, designates only those lawyers who apply for certification and who are able to meet the standard set by the board approved by the Court.

A New Jersey attorney who is certified by the Supreme Court as a Civil Trial Attorney must have:

  • Be a member in good standing of the New Jersey Bar for at least five years
  • Take a specific number of continuing legal education courses in the three years prior to filing an application
  • Demonstrate substantial involvement in preparation of litigated matters in a particular practice area
  • Demonstrate an unblemished reputation by submitting a list of attorneys and judges who will attest to the applicant's character and ability
  • Pass a written examination covering various aspects of practice in the designated specialty.

This certification program helps the public find attorneys who have demonstrated proficiency in specialized fields of law. Certification helps lawyers by giving them a way to make their experience known to the public and to other lawyers. Certification also encourages the maintenance and improvement of attorneys competent in specialized fields of law.

This honor provides the public a way to identify those who demonstrate a higher proficiency in a certain area of law. This certification helps lawyers by providing a way to showcase their abilities to the public and peers.  Trevor J. Warden maintains his Certified status while John Collins and Jeffrey Warden formerly held this certification for decades.

John B. Collins, Jeffrey W. Warden, and Trevor Warden are injury attorneys who have a long record of success and have obtained dozens of million dollar and multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of their clients throughout their many years of personal injury practice. The firm was started in Denville, New Jersey in 1964 when it was started by their founding Partner, Anthony L. Bongiovanni, before moving to its current location at 5 Cold Hill Road South, Suite 24, in Mendham, NJ in 2022. The law firm of Bongiovanni, Collins & Warden has a reputation as of one of the elite personal injury firms in the Morris County area. Visit our representative cases section to see some examples of the excellent results we have obtained for our clients.


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